Engg. Physics Unit-3 Polarization and LASER  MCQ's

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Engg. Physics Unit-3 Polarization and LASER  MCQ's

1. Polarization of light establishes that light has __________
a)    Wave nature
b)    Particle nature
c)    Transverse wave nature
d)    Longitunal wave nature


 2. The transverse wave nature of light is established by the phenomenon of ______
a)    Interference
b)    Refraction
c)    Diffraction
d)    Polarization


3. Which are the following waves can be polarized?
a)    Ulatrasonic
b)    Infrasonic
c)    Light
d)    All the above


4. According to Malus law, the intensity of polarized light emerging through the analyzer varies as
a) Io cos2Ø

b) Io sin2 Ø    
c) Io cosØ      

d) Io/2cos2 Ø


5. Brewster’s law in terms of refractive index can be expressed as
a) m= sin ip      

b) m= cos ip    
c) m= tan ip     

d) m= cot ip


6. Which is the example of uniaxial crystal?
a) Calcite

c) Quartz        

d) All of them


7. How much phase change is introduced by a quarter wave plate between O-ray and E-ray
a) pi            b) 2 pi       
c) pi/2            d) pi/4


8. Dextrorotatory optically active substance rotates the plane of vibrations.
a) In clockwise direction    
b) In anticlockwise direction    
c) by 1800     

d) None of them


9. LCD is an example of following effects:
a) Diffraction        b) Interference
c) Polarisation        d) LED


The method of producing 3D Image due to the ____ is known as Holography

  1. Interference of coherent light on photographic plate
  2. Interference of non-coherent light on photographic plate
  3. Reflection of coherent waves
  4. None of the above


LASER is short form of

  1. Light attenuation  by stimulated emission of radiation
  2. Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
  3. Light absorption by stimulated emission of radiation
  4. Light amplification by spontaneous emission of radiation


The material in which population inversion take place is called as________

  1. Active medium  2. Passive Medium   3.Gaseous Medium  4. Vapor Medium


If angle between polarizer and analyzer is 60 degrees then Intensity of transmitted light is

  1. 0.25I    2. 0.50Io  3. 0.75Io   4. 0.125Io


The expression for thickness of quarter wave plate of positive crystal is

  1. t=l/(μe-μo)    2. t=l/4(μo-μe)   3. t=l/3(μe-μo) 4. t=l/4(μe-μo)




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