Employability Skills and Mini Project

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Course Objectives

  • To understand the ―Product Development Process‟ including budgeting through Mini Project.
  • To plan for various activities of the project and distribute the work amongst team members.
  • To inculcate electronic hardware implementation skills by -
  • Learning PCB artwork design using an appropriate EDA tool.
  • Imbibing good soldering and effective troubleshooting practices.
  • Following correct grounding and shielding practices.
  • To develop student‘s abilities to transmit technical information clearly and test the same by delivery of Seminar based on the Mini Project.
  • To understand the importance of document design by compiling Technical Report on the Mini Project work carried out

Course Outcomes

  • Understand, plan and execute a Mini Project with the team.
  • Implement electronic hardware by learning PCB artwork design, soldering techniques, testing, and troubleshooting etc.
  • Prepare a technical report based on the Mini project.
  • Deliver technical seminar based on the Mini Project work carried out.

Course Contents

A: Execution of Mini Project

  • Project group shall consist of not more than 3 students per group.
  • Mini Project Work should be carried out in the Design / Projects Laboratory.
  • device manufacturers may also be referred.well known project designs ideas can be necessarily adapted from recent issues of electronic design magazines Application notes from
  • Use of Hardware devices/components is mandatory.
  • Layout versus schematic verification is mandatory.
  • Bare board test report shall be generated.
  • Assembly of components and enclosure design is mandatory.

B: Selection: Domains for projects may be from the following, but not limited to:

  • Instrumentation and Control Systems
    • Electronic Communication Systems
    • Biomedical Electronics
    • Power Electronics
    • Audio, Video Systems
    • Embedded Systems
    • Mechatronic Systems
  • Microcontroller based projects should preferably use Microchip PIC controllers/ATmega controller/AVR microcontrollers.

C. Monitoring: ( for students and teachers both) Suggested Plan for various activities to be monitored by the teacher.

  • Week 1 - 2: Formation of groups, Finalization of Mini project & Distribution of work.
  • Week 3 - 4: PCB artwork design using an appropriate EDA tool, Simulation.
  • Week 5 - 8: PCB manufacturing through vendor/at lab, Hardware assembly, programming (if required) Testing, Enclosure Design, Fabrication, etc.
  • Week 9 - 10: Testing of final product, Preparation, Checking & Correcting of the Draft Copy of Report.
  • Week 11 - 12: Demonstration and Group presentations. Logbook for all these activities shall be maintained and shall be produced at the time of examination.

D. Report writing

  • A project report with following contents shall be prepared:
    • Title
    • Specifications
    • Block diagram
    • Circuit diagram
    • Selection of components, calculations
    • Simulation results
    • PCB artwork
    • Layout versus schematic verification report
    • Testing procedures
    • Enclosure design
    • Test results Conclusion
    • References

Project Topics

Sr. No.Project Name
1Elevator System
Acoustics (Sound and vibration) detection using seismic sensor
3Intelligent Train System
4Industrial Automation using Internet of Things (IOT)
 Automatic PCB Etching Machine
 Footstep Power Generation Using PiezoElectric Transducers
 Digital Voltmeter Using PIC Microcontroller
 Bus Tracking System Using GPS and GSM
 Ultrasonic radar & object detection using serial communication
 AVR Microcontroller Based Time And Frequency Counter
 Wireless FM Transmitter
 TV remote finder using RF transmitter and receiver module
 Wireless Mobile Charger
 Swarm Robot-To control the actions of slave with the help of master using predefined rules
 Design and implementation of real time embedded Health monitoring system using Li-Fi technology
 Wireless Digital Notice Board Using GSM Technology

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