AP Practical/Oral Exam Question Bank

AP Practical/Oral Exam Question Bank

  1. Define an Embedded system? List out different Embedded Processors present in Market.
  2. What do you mean by LPC, ARM, ARM7TDMI?
  3. State the difference between
    • Von-Neumann and Harward Achitecture
    • CISC and RISC architecture
    • ARM7, ARM9, ARM11 processors
    • I2C and SPI protocol
    • Serial and Parallel Communication
  4. Enlist features of ARM7-LPC2148.
  5. State the Name of Software used to perform ARM7-LPC2148 Practicals?
  6. How to interface LED with ARM7-LPC2148? Explain the role of IODIR, IOSET, IOCLR, IOPIN register. Expalin the role of PIN Select block in ARM7-LPC 2148. PIN SELECT registers.
  7. How to interface LCD with LPC2148? List out the different instructions of LCD? Explain the role of RS pin, R/W, Enable pin and Busy flag bit in case of LCD.
  8. How to interface GLCD with LPC2148? List out the different instructions of GLCD? Explain the role of RS pin, R/W, Enable pin, CS1 & CS2 Pins.
  9. How to interface LPC2148 with PC using UART module for Serial Transmission and Reception of Data? 
  10. What do you mean by UART? State different features of UART Module? Difference between UART0 and UART1? Role of U0LCR, U0LSR, U0FCR, U0DLL, U0DLM registers. How to set baud rate?
  11. What do u mean by GSM communication? How to interface GSM module with LPC2148? Differnce between GSM Module and GSM mobile phone? List out the different AT commands.
  12. Explain the Concept of GPS Communication? How to interface GPS module with LPC2148? List out the different types of Sentences received by GPS Receiver? 
  13. Explain ADC operation in LPC2148, Basics of ADC, Role of A/D Control Register, A/D Data Register, A/D Global Data Registe etc. (Significnace of CLKDIV, SEL, CLKS, Burst mode bit, PDN Bit, START field etc.), How to set A/D Clock frequency? What is maximum operating frequency of internal ADC?
  14. Calculations of A/D Clock frequency, how to select channel?
  15. Explain the Concept of VIC? State features of VIC ? State different registers of VIC? Explain about VICvectCntl, VICvectAddr, VICIntEnable registers with Their Register structures?
  16. Compare use of ADC operation without interrupt and with Interrupt?
  17. What are the different sources of interrupt in LPC 2148?
  18. Explain different steps to generate delay using Timer (with examples)
  19. What do u mean by UART? Difference between UART0 and UART1? Role of U0LCR, U0LSR, U0FCR, U0DLL, U0DLM. How to set baud rate?
  20. How to interface EEPROM with LPC2148 using I2C Module?
  21. How does I2C Protocol Work? State features of I2C Module in LPC2148? 
  22. Enlist pins of Serial EEPROM (AT24C512) and also draw its Pin Diagram?
  23. How to set I2C communication frequency(SCL)?Significance of different registers associated with I2C module i.e. I2CCONSET, I2CCONCLR, I2CSCLL, I2CSCLH I2CSTAT, I2CDAT, I2CADR, etc.
  24. How to set SPI communication frequency? Significance of different registers associated with SPI module. i.e. S0SPCR, S0SPSR, SP0CCR, S0SPDR, etc.
  25. How to interface SD-card with LPC2148? What do mean by SD card and use of SD card? Enlist pins of SD card used in SPI Bus mode and SD Bus mode of operation.

Question on DSP processors Related Practical

  1. What is need of DSP Processor? Explain the Architecture used in DSP Processor?
  2. State the difference between General Purpose DSP Processors and Special Purpose DSP Processors?
  3. Enlist the different hardware Architectures used in and need of Special Purpose DSP Processors?
  4. State the different features and Applications of TMS320C67X DSP processor.
  5. Explain the Concept of Pipelining in DSP Processors. Explain with the help of Pipeline-MAC Configuration and Pipelining timing Diagram.
  6. Enlist General Purpose Resister File, Control Registers of TMS320C67X. Also explain AMR and Conrol Status Register.
  7. How to Perform Convolution (Linear and Circular) in TMS320C67X DSP Processors? Explain with the Help of Example
  8. How to Perform FFT using TMS320C67X? Explain with the Help of Exapmle.
  9. What is Role of Emulator (Texas Instruments TMS320-XDS-100V3) in DSP Processors?
  10. State the name of  software used to pefrorm DSP Practicals? 

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