External Memory Interface

The C6457 DSP EMIF interfaces to a variety of external devices, including:

  • Pipelined and flow-through synchronous-burst SRAM (SBSRAM)
  • ZBT (zero bus turnaround) SRAM and Late Write SRAM
  • Synchronous FIFOs
  • Asynchronous memory, including SRAM, ROM, and Flash

A block diagram of the C6457 DSP is shown in Figure 1. In this document, the term EMIF refers to the EMIFA of C6457 devices.


The EMIF services requests of the external bus from on-chip masters such as the enhanced direct-memory access (EDMA) controller and the C64x+ Megamodule, as well as external shared-memory device controllers (through the hold interface, Section 10). On-chip masters place requests to the EMIF through the switched control resource (SCR). With a 32-bit address bus, the total memory space is 2^32= 4GB, including four external memory spaces: CE0, CE1, CE2, and CE3.


EMIF Interface Signals

The EMIF signals of the DSP are shown in the figure below and described in the following tables. The EMIF has the following features:

  • A 64-bit data bus which can also be configured to be 32-, 16-, and 8-bits wide.
  • An output clock, ECLKOUT, generated internally based on the EMIF input clock. You can select one of the following two clocks as the EMIF input clock source at device reset: internal SYSCLK7 or external ECLKIN. All of the memories interfacing with the EMIF should operate using ECLKOUT (EMIF clock cycle). The ECLKOUT frequency equals the EMIF input clock frequency.
  • A programmable synchronous interface allowing glueless interfaces to synchronous devices such as ZBT SRAM, Late Write SRAM, and Pipelined and Flow-Through SBSRAM devices. Interfaces to synchronous FIFOs are also supported with the addition of external logic.
  • A configurable asynchronous interface allowing interfaces to asynchronous devices such as SRAM, EPROM, and Flash, as well as FPGA and ASIC designs.
  • Four EMIF spaces (CE2-5) reserved for either asynchronous or synchronous memory accesses. 




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