Components of System Software

Important Questions

  • Explain components of system software ?  (6 Marks)
  • Explain following components of system software : Compiler, Assembler, Linker, Loads, Microprocessor, Operating, System, Interpreter, Text Editor. (8 Marks)

Ans :- System software is used to create and to run application software. System softwares classified in two groups :

  1. Program Development Environment :- Text Editor, Compiler, Assembler, Microprocessor
    1. Text Editor :- Text editor is used to edit programs. User writes application programs using  text editor.
    2. Compiler :- Compiler translates programs written in a high level language to object code or machine code. C, C ++, Java are examples of high level language
    3.  Assembler :- Assembler translates programs written in assembly language or law level language into object code or machine code. Assembler using input as .asm program
    4. Microprocessor :- Macro is a unit of specification for program generation through expansion. Microprocessor takes assembly or high level language program which contains macro definition and macro call and converts it into an assembly or high level language program without macro.
  2. Run Time Environment :- Linker , Loader, Interpreter, Operating System
    1. Linker :- Linker combines two or more separate object programs. For generation of machine code we required different files which are collected by linker.
    2. Loader :- Loader is responsible for taking machine code from secondary memory into primary memory. Thus loader is actually responsible for initiating the execution process . The loader is responsible for allocating space in main memory.
    3. Interpreter :- An interpreter is a language processor which bridges an execution gap without generating a machine language program. An interpreter code reads the statements of a program, analyzes them and then executes them on the virtual machine.
    4. Operating system :- An operating system is interface between users and the hardware of a computer system. An operating system is used to manage all resources of computer.


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