LED Interfacing with LPC2148

Schematic Diagram


Interfacing Description

Port Pin No. LED 
P0.15 D1
P0.16 D2
P0.17 D3
P0.18 D4
P0.19 D5
P0.20 D6
P0.21 D7
P0.22 D8

Embedded C code for the Interfacing

/* Project Name:-LED's Interfacing with LPC2148  */
/* Device:- LPC2148                          */
/* Compiler:- KeilUvision4                   */
/* Language:- Embedded C  */
/* Visit www.wikinote.org for more Details   */
void delay(void);
int main (void)
IODIR0 = 0x007F8000; /***configure P0.15 to P0.22 as an output pins***/
while (1)                           /***Loopforever***/
IOSET0=0x007F8000; //***turn LEDs ON by setting P0.15 to P0.22 as High***/   
IOCLR0=0x007F8000; //***turn LEDs Off by setting P0.15 to P0.22 as Low***//
void delay(void)
 unsigned int j;  

Video Tutorial Plus Keil Simulation

Video Tutorial


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