• 5. Border Management

    India has extremely complex borders. It has 14818 kilometres of land borders and a coastline of 7516.6 kilometres. Indian borders run through plains, hills and mountains, deserts, riverine territories and marshes. Managing such a diverse border is a complex task but vital from the point of view of national security.

    The challenges are huge in managing our dicey borders. On the one hand, we have the world's largest disputed border with China where no bullet has been fired since the last 5 decades, and on the other hand, cross border ceasefire violations are daily norms with Pakistan, especially in the LOC area. Enclaves dispute in the border area of India-Bangladesh has been settled recently which was prevalent since independence. Similarly Marine border disputes with Bangladesh, Srilanka are a cause of concern too.

    After reading this section You will have insight into these complicated issues as what is happening right now and what should be the required course of action for the future.