• Introduction

    • In 21st century there were lots of inventions, development, globalization and so on, but in that time there was pollution, global warming and so on are also be formed, because of this there is no safe drinking water for world’s population. Where dirty or contaminated water is used for drinking purpose without any proper treatment in many developing countries. The reason for this is the lack of water quality monitoring system and which creates serious issues.

      To take preventive actions for quality maintenance we got an idea that a system should be implemented to monitor the quality of water in easy way, so it can easily analyze some of the critical and important factors of water. Various environmental parameters such as temperature, pH, oxygen density, turbidity and so on from water can be collected by these systems using different sensors. The development of WSN technology provides us approach to real time data acquisition, transmission and processing

      In general the user can get real time water quality data from faraway, but in this system there are several nodes and base stations where each node contains a group of sensors and the nodes are distributed in different water bodies. By those sensors in water, the collected data is sent to base station via WSN channel. Basically a PC with Graphic User Interface (GUI) for user is used as a base station. To analyze the water quality data and when water quality detected is below preset level, Alarm is automatically raised. Using various simulation tools the recorded data can be analyzed for future correspondence and actions.