Architecture for low power

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Architecture for Low Power

Battery Powered Systems-Extended Battery Life and reduce weight and size
High –Performance systems


  • Package(chip carrier, heat sink, card slots, plenum,…..)
  • Power Systems(supplies,distribution,regulators,….)
  • Fans (noise,power,reliability,area,….)
  • Operating cost to customer-Energy star issue.


  • Failure rate increase by 4X for Tj@110C vs 70C
  • Mission critical operation at 100C

Size and weight-Product footprint(office and deskspace)

Need for LOW Power VLSI chips

  • Power dissipation was neglected due to
    • Low device density
    • Low operating frequency
  • Now it is important issue due to
    • · High device density
    • · High operating frequency
    • · Proliferation of portable consumer electrnics
    • · Concerns on environments and energy sources


  • Notes by Prof. H.Dhanwate, ICOER, Pune
  • WikiNote Foundation
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