Unit 6 : Real World Interfacing with ARM-Cortex M3 Based Microcontroller

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Communication using microcontrollers.

Applications in embedded c.

  • CAN
  • USB
  • Ethernet

Previously Asked Questions in SPPU exam

[Citation needed: Exam years could be added along with questions.]

  1. Write short notes on:
    • USB - (Feature frame structure, diagram)
    • Ethernet - (Feature Block diagram, framest strucare etc.)
    • CAN Protocol. - (Feature Block diagram etc.)
  2. Explain the CAN protocol and frame structure with reference to ARM M3 microcontroller.
  3. Explain the following with respect to USB controller in LPC 1768.
    • Features of USB.
    • USB frame structure.
  4. Explain the architecture and operation of Ethernet bus with reference to ARM M3 microcontroller.
  5. How in and out data transactions take place in USB? Give operational overview.
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