Unit 5: ARM CORTEX M3 Based Microcontroller

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ARM-CM3 Based Microcontroller LPC1768:

Previously asked Questions in SPPU Exam

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  1. Draw and explain interfacing diagram of 7 segment display with LPC1768. Draw flow chart.
  2. Draw & explain with algorithm interfacing diagram for RGB LEDs with LPC 1768.
  3. What is PWM? Write a embedded C program to drive DC motor using PWM for LPC 1768.
  4. Explain the role of following registers in LPC 1768.
    • Direction Control Register
    • Set Register
    • Mask Register
    • Clear Register
  5. Draw and explain block diagram of LPC 1768 in detail.
  6. Draw and explain power control block of LPC 1768 and explain various power saving modes.
  7. Draw and explain clock control block of LPC 1768 in details.
  8. Explain four reset sources under system control block of LPC 1768 in detail.
  9. Explain significance of PLL0 and PLL1 in LPC 1768.


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