Group A: LPC2148 Based Experiments

  1. Interfacing LPC2148 to LCD/GLCD
  2. UART Interfacing LPC2148 in embedded system (GSM/GPS)
  3. Interfacing LPC2148 for internal ADC on interrupt basis
  4. Interfacing SD card to LPC2148
  5. Interfacing EEPROM to LPC2148 using I2C protocol  

Group B: LPC1768 Based Experiments

  1. Interfacing LPC1768 to Seven Segment / RGB LED
  2. Generation of PWM signal for motor control using LPC1768
  3. Interfacing TFT display to LPC1768
  4. Implementing CAN protocol using LPC1768
  5. Implementing ETHERNET protocol using LPC1768


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Created by Sujit Wagh on 2017/04/15 15:53