Assignment no. 3
 Subject : DSP                                                                                                                                         TE(E&TC) : Sem I
Sr. No.Question

Compute Z-transform and ROC of the following sequence

882364547.png u[-n-1].


Compute zero state response of the system

95596530.png to input

x ( n)= n u ( n). Is the system is stable?


State the different sequences having Z-Transform given by

X(Z) =101081582.png Also state the ROC of each sequence.

4.State and prove the differentiation property of Z.T.
5.Compute Z.T. and ROC for
  1. x ( n)= (0.5)n +u(n+2) +(3)n u(-n-1)
6.Explain Scaling and shifting properties of Z.T.

A discrete time LTI system is characterized by


Determine h ( n) for

  1. Causal system
  2. Stable system
  3. Anti-causal System
8.Derive the relationship between Z.T. and F.T. and DFT state their relationship.


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