Unit 5: Logic Families

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Table of Contents

Syllabus and Notes

  • Classification of logic families: Unipolar and Bipolar Logic Families
    Characteristics of Digital ICs: Speed, power dissipation, figure of merits, fan-out, Current and voltage parameters, Noise immunity, operating temperature range, power supply requirements.
  • Transistor-Transistor Logic: Operation of TTL, Current sink logic, TTL with active pull up, TTL with open collector output, Schottkey TTL, TTL characteristics, TTL 5400/7400 series
  • CMOS: CMOS Inverter, CMOS characteristics, CMOS configurations- Wired Logic, Open drain outputs
  • Interfacing: TTL to CMOS and CMOS to TTL.
  • Tristate Logic and Tristate TTL inverter.


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