How to use Web Conferencing on WikiNote

Updated on 2019/01/11 13:41

Illustration to use WikiNote for Webinar

Big Blue Button provides all the core capabilities you expect in a web conferencing system with real-time sharing of

  • audio
  • video
  • presentation
  • screen recording of sessions for later playback

Big Blue Button emphasizes engagement with your users with features such as

  • chat (public and private)
  • multi-user white board 
  • shared notes
  • emoji
  • spolling breakout rooms

User and Listener Modules

  • Two types of users Anchor link for: two types of users In a BigBlueButton session there are only two types of users: a viewer or moderator.
  • A viewer (typically the student) can chat, send/receive audio and video, respond to polls, and display an emoji (such as raise hand).
  • A moderator (typically the instructor) has all the capabilities of a viewer plus the ability to mute/unmute other viewers, lock down viewers (i.e. restrict them from doing private chat), and assign anyone (including themselves) the role of presenter.
  • The presenter controls the presentation area. This means they can upload slides, annotate the current slide with the whiteboard controls, enable/disable multi-user whiteboard, start a poll, and share their screen for all to see.


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