Creating a new page is very simple process. In a few minutes, you will be able to create new pages as per your needs.


Before page creation, you should be aware of:

  • Desired Location of a new page to be created (it can be changed later also).
    This depends on the Institute, Subject, etc for which you are creating an article.
    Learn more about Content Organization on WikiNote.
  • Template for new page.
    WikiNote has 5 Templates to be used while creating an article/ page.
    Learn more about Templates.

Page Creation

There are three ways to create new pages.

By using the Create Page Action

You can create a new child page for the current page by using the plus icon located to the right of the page title.

Add Page Action

Create Button

This will open the Create Page wizard where you can specify the Title of the new page.

Create Page Wizard - Simple User

Create Page Wizard

By default, the new page will be created as a child of the current page. If you don't want that, then you can change the location of the target page using the document picker.

Then select a Template for the new page.

Once you're done click the "Create" button and you will be able to edit your newly created page right away.

Here, link for a new page is written on existing page (parent of a new page).
The resulting link will show up with a question mark next to it, showing it as a non-existent page. Simply click on the link to create the page as a child of the current page.

Create new page in WYSIWYG
Question mark indicates a link to non-existing page. By clicking it, it will create a new page.

When clicking on a "wanted link", you will be asked to select one of the available Templates.

Clicking on the desired Template will take you directly to the edit mode for the missing page. This approach will allow you to create a hierarchy while you create new pages.

By Going to URL of Intended New Page

Enter the new page name (and its path) directly in the URL of your browser. For example If the target page doesn't exist then you'll get an empty page with a message saying that the page doesn't exist and there'll be a link to create it:

Create a Page by Visiting its Link
Click on the message edit this page to create it.

Page creation video procedure


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