Welcome to the WikiNote "Get Started" page. This guide provides basic information on the User Interface of WikiNote website.

Philosophy behind the WikiNote

Creating a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to all the relevant knowledge required for sustainable employability. 

With such a philosophy in mind, the WikiNote Portal collects and imparts knowledge required for everyone's dignified survival.
WikiNote desires not to become a just another MOOC in the crowd. It intends to go beyond the so called standard courses which are offered everywhere and embrace the traditional occupations and vocational courses.

This overwhelming vision can be achieved only with the collaboration. Hence the wiki.
Please take five minutes to learn the five cardinal pillars to be adhered to while editing on WikiNote.

In this article, basic user interface of WikiNote Portal is explained.

Editing Options

WikiNote is based on the concept of wiki (anyone can edit website). Once you login, the options to create and edit pages will become visible. Then just click and start editing!

Editing and Creating a Page

Main editiing options

Editing: Edit Page, Create new Page
Navigation: Breadcrumbs

Use the button above to edit this page and start customizing your wiki to your needs.

Use the button above to add more pages to your wiki and create the hierarchy that best organizes your content.

Use the breadcrumbs located above the title to navigate inside your pages. It's easy to get lost in a big wiki without them.

You can also use the Sandbox for more demo content and generally a place to experiment with your wiki's features.

Sectional Editing

This provides a way to edit only a section of a page instead of editing a whole page. This edit option should be prefered to editing a whole page wherever possible. This loads the editor faster, reduces time latencies and also avoids damaging page content. It also facilitates efficient editing a page by multiple editors simultaneously.

Sectional page editing

Sectional editing of a Page

The edit button is shown for Level 2 and Level 3 Headings. Editing a higher level heading also loads contents of lower level headings into the editor. For example in above image, editing Level 2 Heading also includes editing Level 3 Heading, but not vice versa.

Rights Protected Pages: On some pages, user does not see the editing options even after logging in. e.g. WikiNote Homepage. These pages are rights protected, and are editable only by Administrators or other groups or users who have been given special rights to edit them.

Breadcrumbs for Navigation

1] Breadcrumbs bar

Breadcrumbs 1

2] Expanded breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs 2

3] Navigating in finer details

Breadcrumbs 3


Commenting on the Page

Attaching Files

Versions of the Page

Other Information of the Page

Registration and Login


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