WikiNote employs the hierarchy of web pages. It means, we can create a page under other page.

Let's take an example here.
If Page P1 has webaddress

Then Page P2 which is located under P1 will have webaddress

WikiNote-content-structure.pngThis scheme of organizating content is particularly useful here as shown in figure.

1) At the top is the page with Institution name.
Ex. Pune-University

Then the webaddress will be:

2) If Pune University conducts Examinations like BA, BSc, BCom, then the pages for these examinations will be located at:


3) If BA exam has Subject named English Literature, the webaddress for this page will be:




As a practice, we will name it as EL for our convenience (to make webaddreses short).


Lets sum up this general scheme of organizing pages.
Suppose Institution named University A conducts Examination Exam a, which has a Subject Subject 1. This subject Sub contains Topics T1, T2 and T3.
Then article for Topic T1 will have a location as follows:
Home >> University A >> Examination a >> Subject 1 >> T1

The link for Topic T1 should be:

Created by Vishal E on 2019/01/11 13:41